Support & Safety

Health Insurance and Campus Clinic

Planning for medical needs (whether ongoing treatment of existing needs, or emergencies that arise) are an important part of preparation for any study away sojourn. DKU has an on-campus health clinic that is capable of serving minor medical needs and references for evaluation. A pre-established network of local and international hospitals are also available for more substantive medical needs.

  • International visiting students are required to enroll in both a commercial medical insurance plan and a DKU group member plan with International SOS (ISOS). Insurance is included in billable program costs.
  • Chinese-national visiting students are required to have and maintain comprehensive medical insurance that covers any possible injuries and illnesses sustained while participating in the programs in DKU. Chinese students may additionally purchase supplemental health insurance through DKU that covers local private health care.
  • We are happy to consult with students on pre-existing health conditions or other medical needs that are known prior to arrival.  


Support on Campus

As a visiting student at DKU, you have the full support of a comprehensive university behind you, including:

  • The DKU Office of Global Education, which serves as a primary point of contact to connect you with needs on campus to support your development and experience
  • A team of residential life coordinators, resident advisors, and student engagement and student affairs professionals
  • Administrative support across university departments and offices that are student-centered in serving your needs

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)​

Mental health and personal wellness can have a profound impact on your study away experience. CAPS provides face-to-face counseling services to students on campus and supports programming throughout the year to foster personal wellness and mental health.

CAPS is committed to creating an environment that is educationally inspiring, physically and psychologically safe, and accessible and accepting of all gender expressions and identities, of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, faith communities and sexual orientations. CAPS aims to provide excellent assistance to the distressed and injured, aid in eradicating those situations and conditions that result in psychological problems, and will promote and nurture positive mental health and happiness on the Duke Kunshan campus.


Link to CAPS:

Link to CARE Team:

Link to Student Conduct:

Visa & Passport

International Students (Non-Chinese Citizens):

International students will need to apply for a student visa to study at DKU. You will need a passport that is valid 6 months after the last day of your enrolled term. (For example, DKU Fall 2024 participant’s ID should be valid through June 30, 2025).

  • Students who will study at DKU for one academic term need to apply for an X2 Visa.
  • Students who will study at DKU for one academic year need to apply for an X1 Visa.
  • DKU International Student Services (ISS) and the Office of Global Education will assist students with visa application guidance and issuance of documents needed for your visa application after you have committed to the program.
  • Students may need to check with the local Chinese Embassy/Consulate where they plan to apply for their visa to confirm requirements for visa applications. 

Non-Chinese citizens should pay special attention to the visa requirements for their specific citizenship by contacting their country embassy to find out if any visa or travel restrictions are in effect. It will be each student’s responsibility to follow their country’s requirements for procuring the proper visa for the Duke Kunshan program. 

To locate the closest Chinese consulate office to you, please consult the map on the Chinese Embassy website.

Chinese Citizens:

Students need to have a valid Chinese ID Card to study at DKU. For students who are residents of Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan, please make sure to have a valid Travel Pass in order to study at DKU. All ID’s should be valid for at least six-months after the last day of your enrolled term.

Identification Documents for All Students:

  • All international participants must have a valid passport and visa to be eligible for the visiting student program. 
  • All China Mainland participants must have a valid Chinese National ID Card (身份证).
  • All China Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan participants must have a valid Travel Permit.
  • Valid Identification Documents for attending DKU Fall 2024 Term should not expire before June 30, 2025.
  • Valid Identification Documents for attending DKU Spring 2025 Term/Academic Year 2024-2025 should not expire before November 30, 2025.

Link to DKU International Student Services (ISS)-Visa.

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