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About OGE

OGE stands for the Office of Global Education

DKU’s Office of Global Education (OGE) oversees all credit-bearing outbound study away for current DKU undergraduate students, in addition to inbound non-degree undergraduate visiting students studying away at DKU on semester or summer programs. Four primary study away options are available to DKU students:

  • Duke University semester or summer term
  • DKU GO (Preapproved Programs)
  • DKU GO-FLEX (Petitioned Programs)
  • Exchanges

Additionally, OGE oversees the review process for course credit transfers from institutions and programs back to DKU. 

Our Team

Christopher Van Velzer, Ph.D.

Director of Global Education

Ph.D. Higher Education
Masters in Business Management
B.A. Humanities

Christopher (Dr. V) is an American who has lived and worked in China for over 17 years in the field of education abroad. He and his Colombian/Venezuelan/Canadian wife have twin daughters, and every day is an intercultural adventure - which he loves.


Ashley Yin

Study Abroad Advisor

M.Sc. Business and Management
B.A. (Hons.) International Communication Studies

Ashley studied in the UK twice (!) - First, in her junior year of undergraduate studies, and later, during her master's degree. Originally hailing from Harbin, she remains an avid swimmer to this day (having been a member of her swimming club during her master's degree study).

Shuxian Li

Global Education Coordinator

M.Ed. Developmental Psychology and Education
B.A. English Language and Literature

Shuxian studied abroad in the UK during her undergraduate studies, and completed her master's degree in Canada. She enjoys keeping being part of school after graduation and dedicated to supporting student study abroad experience on a cross-cultural platform.

Our Mission

To prepare curious and empathetic learners
for the needs of an interconnected world,
who are deeply rooted locally
because they are interconnected globally.

Global learning, global citizenship, global education, globalization… the world we live in (and the world of higher education in particular), is full of references to many different ‘global’ concepts. But what do these concepts imply in the reality of our lives? What does it mean to be a global citizen? What does it mean to live in a globalized world, or to navigate complex relationships, interactions, problems, and solutions that are required of an interconnected planet? Our lives and communities are inextricably linked; where do our responsibilities to a globalized world intersect with our responsibilities to our home community? The Office of Global Education at DKU seeks to explore and guide students in these fundamental questions, and utilizes study away as a seminal experience in the lives of all undergraduates to shape our perceptions and aspirations for the future of our shared world. 


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