Duke-DKU Credit Transfer

DKU students studying at Duke University (including Duke Marine Lab) for one regular term or summer will follow Duke-DKU Credit Transfer Procedure. This site guides you information about Duke-DKU Credit Transfer Procedure.

  • 1 Duke unit=4 DKU credits
  • 0.5 Duke unit=2 DKU credits

Note: If you enroll in any 0.5 Duke unit course, you will receive 2 DKU credits, except for physical education activity courses, for which you will receive 1 DKU credit.

For Duke PE course for DKU PE requirement, our office will work with DKU Athletics after each term add/drop. Results will be updated to students’ DKUHub by DKU Registrar directly. Click here to find updated evaluated PE courses [Net ID log-in is required].

For courses taken at Duke, DKU Registrar will help to update them in DKUHub. 

Courses enrolled at Duke will count toward student’s both GPA and credits for degree.


No action is required from students to update credit transfer results in DKUHub.

For questions with DKU code in your DKU transcript, please reach out to DKU Registrar( .

A student cannot transfer back more than 40 credits when combining study away, the allowable number of independent transfer courses, and AP/IPC/prematriculation credit-Following UG Bulletin-Work Taken After Matriculation at DKU.

All Duke courses will transfer back to DKU directly updated by DKU Registrar to students’ DKUHub. For following requirements, please check details below:

For enrolled Duke courses for major requirement, students need to follow Duke-DKU Equivalency Procedure.

  1. If the Duke course has been updated in the Duke-DKU Equivalency List, no action is needed, it will be reflected to your DKU record.
  2. If the Duke course is not existing in the list, please go ahead and submit the equivalency request.

Note: There is a deadline for submitting the equivalent request for your Duke study away term and students should follow the timeline carefully.

For Duke courses available in the Duke-DKU Equivalency List, there would not be reevaluation unless the course is completely different from the previous submission.

Divisional Foundation courses must be taken on DKU campus. Requests for this type of course will not be reviewed.

For enrolled Duke courses for distribution requirement (AH, NS, SS) or quantitative reasoning (QR) course requirement. The AH/SS/NS/QR designation can be determined by following either Duke’s or DKU’s designations:

  • For a Duke course with an approved DKU equivalency, you may check the corresponding DKU course designation, and the Distribution requirement (AH/NS/SS/QR)  code can go with either Duke’s or DKU’s designation if there is a discrepancy.
  • To check the code for a Duke course, go to DukeHub (Public Version-Class Search, available on Duke Registrar website). Under course catalog, you will find the most up-to-date Duke course information. Once you click on a course, it will direct you to the course information page. Under Enrollment Information, there is a Class Attribute(s) field where you can find the information. [ALP=AH, SS=SS, NS=NS, QS=QR] Some courses may not have an attribute.

Action required from students:

  • Students need to reach out to DKU Registrar after transferred result available in DKUHub if needed a Duke course counting for distribution requirement or quantitative requirement.
  • For a Duke course with CZ in Class Attribute (Areas of Knowledge) only, if it counts to elective at DKU, students need to go through the procedure below to submit the request to check whether it can count toward the Distribution Requirement.

All students have individual language requirement. If unsure, please check with DKU Language and Culture Centre ( and DKU Registrar. 

Action required from students: For students who need Third Language for language requirement, students need to work with DKU Registrar after those courses transferring back to DKUHub.

For Duke courses for electives only, it will transfer back directly and no action is required from the student.

Step 1: Check the document: “Equivalencies from Duke-DKU courses for major requirements” to see if the course has already been evaluated.

Note: This document is updated by OGE after courses have been evaluated by DKU administrators. 

Step 2: If the Duke course is not listed in the document, students should initiate the request for equivalency through the Qualtrics survey:

Note: Duke course code and name must match with what listed in form. If not, a new request needs to be submitted to evaluate.

Step 3: Timeline for Submission

  • Study Period: Regular Term (Fall/Spring);

Deadline for accepting requests: 1 week after add/drop;

Deadline for Spring 2024: January 31, 2024; Deadline for Fall 2024: September 13, 2024

Example: For students studying away at Duke in Spring 2024:

If the equivalency request is submitted on January 31, 2024, the approved result will take effect starting Spring 2024 term.

If the equivalency request is submitted later than January 31, 2024 (such as February 6, 2024), the approved result will take effect starting Fall 2024 term.

  • Study Period: Summer Session;

Deadline for accepting requests: 3 days after add/drop

Deadline for Duke Summer Session 1: May 20, 2024; Deadline for Duke Summer Session 2: July 6, 2024


  • The exact date for deadline depends on Duke Add/drop date on the Duke Academic Calendar;
  • For requests submitted after the deadline, the result will not apply to the current study away term.

Step 4: After receiving a request, OGE will work with relevant programs to review the request and notify the student of the result.

Note: A course syllabus or additional information from the student might be needed in order to fully review the request.

Step 5: Once a request has been evaluated, the information will be updated in the document accordingly.

  1. For students who submitted the request after the effective deadline, the request will be reviewed. However, students need to reach out to DKU Registrar and UG Advising to work on whether the result can apply to your study away term.
  2. Due to different course planning, not all DKU courses have an equivalency at Duke. Students should have thoughtful 4-year course plan on any result of an equivalency request.
  3. OGE will help with monitoring the review procedure and update the result in the “Equivalencies from Duke to DKU courses for major requirement”. For questions with DKU code and DKU transcript, students need to work with DKU Registrar directly.
  4. Each request takes average 3-6 weeks and there is no guarantee the result will come out before the add/drop deadline. Think about a Plan B if it’s a deny result after add/drop.
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