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At Duke Kunshan University, we believe in offering our students meaningful academic sojourns that will broaden their understanding of the world and their chosen fields of study. Our study away portfolio is carefully designed and curated to maximize the options available to our students during a pivotal time in their academic journey. Students are eligible to embark on study away experiences for one semester during their junior year. Additionally, students may also choose to study away during the summer terms following their first-year and prior to graduation. 

Four main options are available to all DKU students: semesters/summers at Duke University, Exchange Programs, DKU GO (pre-approved) Programs, and DKU GO-FLEX (petitioned) programs. Read more in the tabs below for more information on each program type. 

Eligibility to Study Away

Students have the option to study away for one semester during their junior year (5th term or 6th term). Students must be in good academic, financial and disciplinary standing with DKU to be eligible to study away. 

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DKU students have the option of using their junior year study away semester (not including summer terms) at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. At Duke, they will be able to take a wide variety of courses in both major and elective subjects, while also participating in student activities, organizations, and clubs. The Duke study abroad experience will also involve an immersive learning experience in American culture, society, and values.

Tuition for the regular semester at Duke University is the same cost as tuition for a semester at DKU and scholarships and financial aid packages also apply. Students attending the semester program at Duke will have to take into account the higher cost of housing, living, and other costs compared to the DKU campus in China.

DKU students planning to attend the Duke Summer Session will normally be guaranteed access to that program. For the summer session, students and their families are responsible for all associated costs including tuition and housing, and scholarships and financial aid packages will not apply to summer programs. Also, the number of courses and activities is limited compared with the regular semester at Duke. Nevertheless, students attending the Duke Summer Session will receive the same level of support and guidance by a dedicated team of administrative staff at DKU and Duke as they do for the regular semester at Duke, and there will also be some special programming for DKU students who attend the summer programs.

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs are just what they sound like: you attend a foreign university for a semester, and a student from that university studies at DKU for the semester! Exchange partnerships exist as signed agreements between DKU other institutions to allow for this reciprocal ‘exchange’ of students. Students under exchange programs enroll in a regular semester of courses, and pay tuition to their home institution (with normal financial aid applied). Local fees for room, board, and insurance, and other student fees are paid directly to the host institution. Exchange agreements are limited to a particular number of students from each institution in any given year or semester, and as a result, may involve a competitive application process to determine exchange student nominees. 

DKU GO Section Head

DKU GO - Global Opportunities (Pre-Approved Programs)

The world is a big place, and if you are unsure where to start looking for a quality study away experience, look no further! DKU GO (Global Opportunities) programs are curated, pre-approved study away options around the world. DKU GO programs focus on providing a wide range of options that align strongly with the kinds of study away experiences that embody the global ethos of DKU: academically rigorous, culturally immersed, and rich in experiential learning opportunities that connect theory with practice.  Beyond academics, DKU GO programs are also selected to represent programs where student support services and health and safety standards are commensurate with  DKU’s standards and expectations.

Program types, locations, and curricula vary widely, and are designed to provide a range of options to students that are looking for supported, quality study away experiences.  

DKU GO-FLEX Section Head

DKU GO-FLEX (Petitioned Programs)

Perhaps you prefer to GO your own way? Although students may first want to consider programs among the preapproved DKU GO options, perhaps you have stumbled across another program that fits your needs perfectly, or you have always wanted to be a visiting student at a particular university. Per the name, DKU GO-FLEX allows this additional flexibility for those students who are unable to find a DKU GO option that fits their academic, personal, and professional goals.Under GO-FLEX, students can petition DKU for approval to apply and enroll as a visiting student in an accredited university or program provider. Beyond study away programs offered through providers, many universities around the world accept non-degree visiting students for a semester of study.    

Petitioned GO-FLEX programs are not preapproved, rather, students may self-identify a foreign program or host institution that is accessible and appealing to them. The DKU Office of Global Education reviews and approves GO-FLEX petitions on an individual basis.

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