Host-DKU Credit Transfer

DKU students studying at other universities for one regular approved study away term or summer will follow Host-DKU Credit Transfer Procedure. This site guides you information about Host-DKU Credit Transfer Procedure.

For courses taken at other university and the credit transfer result is updated either in “OGE Course Approval Database” or email.

DKU Registrar will update the result with following submission from the student

  • Official Transcript from the program (host institution, study period, course code and name should match with the student’s situation);
  • Earn equivalency C- or higher in the course

For questions with DKU code in your DKU transcript or updating DKUHub, please reach out to DKU Registrar( .

A student cannot transfer back more than 40 credits when combining study away, the allowable number of independent transfer courses, and AP/IPC/prematriculation credit-Following UG Bulletin-Work Taken After Matriculation at DKU.

To request transferred courses meet following requirements, please check details below:

For transferred courses for major requirement, students need to follow Host-DKU Credit Transfer Procedure.

  1. If the course has been updated in the OGE Approved Course Database, no action is needed.
  2. If the course is not existing in the list, please go ahead and submit the credit transfer request.

Students who need transferred course for major requirement, please make sure to meet all relative DKU courses’ prerequisites before enrolling the course offered by other institutions. Divisional Foundation courses must be taken on DKU campus.

For transferred courses for distribution requirement (AH, NS, SS) or quantitative reasoning (QR) course requirement. The AH/SS/NS/QR designation can be determined by following designations:

  • For a course with an approved DKU equivalency, you may check the corresponding DKU course designation, and the Distribution requirement (AH/NS/SS/QR)  code can go with DKU’s designation.
  • For a course is approved to transfer back as electives only, it will list the Distribution requirement (AH/NS/SS/QR) in the OGE Approved Course Database.

All students have individual language requirement. If unsure, please check with DKU Language and Culture Centre ( and DKU Registrar. 

Students need to follow Host-DKU Credit Transfer Procedure.

  • If the approved transfer credit meet student’s language requirement, it will count to this category directly.
  • If the approved transfer credit doesn’t meet student’s language requirement, it will count toward electives.

For courses for electives only, students need to follow Host-DKU Credit Transfer Procedure.

  1. If the course has been updated in the OGE Approved Course Database, no action is needed.
  2. If the course is not existing in the list, please go ahead and submit the credit transfer request.
Step 1: Identify interdisciplinary categories courses that are compelling to your academic experience, and that are strong candidates for elective credits or thematic/full equivalency
  • Reflect on the academic experience you hope to have. Although degree progress is always important, you may identify courses that only transfer for elective credit, or even some that will not transfer for any credit at DKU! These can still be worthwhile academic and personal experiences on study away. Consult with your academic advisor closely to understand how much room you have in your degree completion planning for courses that do not fulfill major requirements.
  • Although it will take time to accumulate a historical record of credit transfer reviews, first check credit transfer approval history. If a course has already been submitted previously and approved/denied for any type of credit, this may help you identify options in advance. Link for the OGE Approved Course Database [Net ID log-in is required].
  • Look for courses that share common attributes or course categories with classes offered at DKU.
  • Once you have identified courses, collect course descriptions and syllabi (check for instructor credentials, course contact hours, etc.). 
Step 2: Submit Course Credit Transfer Request Online
  • Once you have prepared the required information for classes (course descriptions/codes, course syllabi, etc.) you are ready to submit the Host-DKU Credit Transfer Request online.
  • Be sure you have verified that the course has not previously been submitted for review (or is currently in review) using the OGE Approved Course Database.
  • Submit ONE form PER course.
  • [Click Here to Submit Host-DKU Course Credit Transfer Request]
Step 3: Wait for Review and Decision
  • Once you have submitted a course for review, OGE will facilitate the review process with major coordinators and divisional chairs. All questions about course review progress or outcomes should be directed to the OGE first (not individual faculty members, major coordinators, or divisional chairs).
  • Your submitted course will be added as being “in review” on the OGE Approved Course Database until an outcome is decided.
Step 4: Receive Decision

Students will be notified by email with a final decision outcome based on the original request category in around 4-6 weeks; one of four outcomes is possible:

  • Denied credit (course is not eligible for credit transfer back to DKU)
  • Approved for general elective credit (may include distributional requirements-AH,SS,NS, and/or QR)
  • Approved for Thematic Area Equivalency: Fulfills a designated thematic area major/track requirement. This approval may apply to one or more majors/tracks.
  • Approved for Full Equivalency: The course is approved as fully equivalent in content and scope to an existing DKU course code. The course will fulfill the same major requirements, distributional requirements, and prerequisites as the equivalent DKU course.
Step 5: Enroll in Courses
  • Taking the review outcome(s) for your course(s) into consideration, you may proceed to enroll in courses with your approved study away institution/program.
  • Carefully follow registration deadlines and requirements of your program.


  • You are required to enroll in a full-load of courses in your institution/program, whether or not they all are approved for credit transfer back to DKU.
  • All courses must be taken and completed in-person
  • Some on-site experiences, such as independent research, internships, or service-learning components, may not be eligible for credit transfer to DKU even if there is an accompanying course on-site for the experience.
    • Credit for these experiences can ONLY be approved if there is an academic course component that fulfills requirements (at least 4 weeks, at least 35-45 teaching contact hours, producing academic word.). Credit is never awarded for internship hours alone, for example.
  • Courses must be taken for a grade. You cannot take a course Pass/Fail.
  • You must earn the U.S. equivalent of a C- or higher in the course
  • The course can’t be a duplicate of a course you’ve already taken
  • Transfer credits do not count toward your DKU GPA
  • Review additional policies, requirements, and exceptions related to course credit transfers in the DKU Bulletin
Step 6: Take the Course, Document Your Work

Keep copies of the course syllabus, and copies of all graded work for the course (quizzes, tests, assignments, and papers) for your records, in the event they are required to complete credit transfers back to DKU

Step 7: (After completing the course) Reconcile Your Approved Transfer Credits with DKU
  • Make sure you have transcripts from your courses sent directly to the DKU Registrar ( once they are available. Any program or institution will require that you designate recipients of your transcript. Individual institution/program procedures for doing this may vary.
  • If course materials from Step 7 are requested, be prepared to provide these for further documentation.
  • Approved credits for transfer will appear on your DKU transcript. Verify that course credit has transferred correctly, including the approved requirements the course may fulfill towards your degree completion.
  1. Students are strongly suggested to submit the credit transfer requests at least two months earlier than the start date to allow time for administrators to review.
  2. Due to different course planning, courses with same course name may not considered as equivalency. Students should have thoughtful 4-year course plan on any result of an equivalency request.
  3. OGE will help with monitoring the review procedure and update the result in the “OGE Approved Course Database”. For questions with DKU code and DKU transcript, students need to work with DKU Registrar directly.
  4. Each request takes average 3-6 weeks and there is no guarantee the result will come out before the add/drop deadline. Think about a Plan B if it’s a deny result after add/drop.
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