Advising Guidance

Students are strongly suggested to think about study away and plan earlier in advance.

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General Guide for Junior Year Study Away

  • Fall term: Understand regular DKU Policies for study away; read the UG Bulletin Study Away section, and review the OGE website
  • Spring term: Think about your interest areas, and start with the ‘big’ questions of what you hope to learn from studying away
  • Will you focus on studying away in your Junior year term, or a summer session, or both?
  • Schedule an appointment if needed
  • Update your passport if the validity is going to expire within 6 months of your junior year term abroad. Plan for implications with DKU International Student Services.
  • Narrow your study away option(s) and monitor emails for program application announcements. Note: most applications for junior terms open in your sophomore year.
  • Understand program types and related policies
  • Follow programs you are interested in, and think about applications and required materials (including academic planning, financial planning, mobility and insurance) carefully
  • Make sure you have a valid passport that lasts at least 6 months beyond your intended study away term
  • Work with your academic advisor on a 4-year Course Plan in advance; try to plan courses to allow flexibility for your study away term!
  • You can spend one academic term studying away – and the other term you’ll be at DKU. 
  • Be sure you enroll in Common Core 3 (CC3) in the term you will be at DKU: this must be completed in sequence during your Junior year
  • For visa holders, make sure you understand clearly on your stay period in the country you are on study away
  • Continue to monitor your DKU Email for ongoing announcements related to course registration, housing assignments, and bill payment
  • Be sure you request an official transcript from your program or host institution (exclude Duke University) once your grades have posted. We suggest requesting 2 copies: one copy must be sent directly to the DKU Registrar, and the other copy can be kept for your personal records.

General Guide for Summer Study Away

Application for summer terms typically open early in the preceding Spring term.  This varies from program to program – check dates early!

Double check:

  • Will the summer program conflict with DKU’s regular academic term?
  • Will the summer program conflict with DKU’s required summer sessions (military training or Chinese History and Culture courses)?
  • Do I want to apply for credit transfer for enrolled summer courses?

The following summer programs will be updated by DKU OGE when the applications are open:

  • Duke Summer Sessions
  • Wuhan Luojia International Summer Program
  • Partner Opportunities (programs that provide special application opportunities for DKU students to attend their summer programs)

Program opportunities that are announced through DKU OGE may have special application procedures; follow instructions in the notification email.

All Other Summer Programs: research and follow the information posted by the program for application and commitment deadlines. Remember:

  • If you plan to pursue credit transfer back to DKU, students need to follow Host-DKU Credit Transfer Procedure
  • For other programs updated by other DKU offices (incl. Global Summer Institute), students must follow the host office’s requirements directly.

Advising Support

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Advising Session

Every fall semester, OGE will  hold an Advising Session to introduce program options and information, how to apply, how to enroll in courses in the host institution, and how credit transfers work.

  • The Duke Advising Session is scheduled each term after Duke’s shopping-cart is open. Detailed information will be be sent to program participants – be sure to join us!

Drop-in Advising

Drop-in advising is perfect for quick questions (think, 5 minutes or less) that may come up. You can use this opportunity to double-check procedures or processes. Best of all: you can literally ‘drop-in’ – no advance scheduling is needed!

Drop-in Advising Times are open during Weeks 3-5 of each session. Drop-in Advising Schedule will post here when it’s available.

1-on-1 Advising Talk

Students are welcome to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with a study abroad advisor from OGE. We recommend preparing before the meeting. Common topics students can talk about include:

  • Questions about specific programs
  • Personal concern(s) about study away
  • Course planning and transfer 

We can make best use of our time together if you come to the meeting with:

  • An up-to-date 4-year Degree Plan
  • A list of programs you are interested in
  • Your DKU financial aid information and financial resources for study away

Prepare information about your personal goals and priorities for study away. For example:

Why do you want to study away?

What do you most hope to  learn while studying away?

Are there particular areas/programs/places that you hope to explore?

Have you done any research on your own on program options? What options stand out to you as a good fit, and why?

Have you talked about studying away with your parents/guardian?

Remember:  studying away is  a personal decision, but successfully preparing for the journey will likely include feedback and communication with your family, campus advisors, and advice from students who have gone before you! We’re here to help – take time to think through information you need.

Understanding how finances work while studying away is a crucial, early step. Be sure to understand the financial differences of every program type as you start looking at options.

Check on the host program:

Do I understand the financial differences between program types (Duke, GO/GO-FLEX/Exchange)?

Does the program offer scholarships or financial-aid that I can apply for?

What is included in billed program costs, and what costs will I still need to cover on my own while in the program?

What is my budget to cover  billed program expenses and estimated living expenses while studying away?

Have I discussed with my parents/guardians on the finances?

If you’re studying in a country that is different from your home nationality, you will likely need a student visa. Are there any special visa requirements for my particular nationality? What type of visa will I need, and how can I apply and receive that visa?

Note: Not all students can apply for visas to other countries from within China; international students may need to check with the program’s host country Embassy in advance for planning.

Students should consider academic planning and have a clear graduation plan prior to committing to a study away program.

If you haven’t done so already,  start with 4-Year Course Plan! Check “Academics & Credits” for details.

We are here to help! What questions do you still need help answering? What advice are you seeking?

We are happy to meet with you and help you make a plan that works for you!

Check your DKU Email regularly – before you depart, and while you are on your study away term!  There might be important information that relates to your DKU experience after completing the study away program.

Minimally, while on your study away program you will continue to receive information from DKU offices about:

  • DKU Course Registration for your subsequent term
  • Housing Registration for your subsequent term
  • DKU Billing Information
  • …and opportunities that you may want to start planning for once you are back on campus!

For international students, make sure you have a valid residence permit to re-enter China to study at DKU. 

If you need any assistance with your Chinese residence permit, be sure to contact DKU International Student Services ( in advance.

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